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The word for today is; Purchasing ;Your meat ideas;

Once you identified your cuts of beef your operation needs determine the forms in which they will be bought. Your meats are purchased in a variety of forms  .They can get as large as an entire carcass that must further fabricated or can be small as an individual cut known as Potion Control or P.C. Meats that are ready to cook and serve Consider these following for which I have written

Employee Skills; Does Employers have the important skills necessary to reduce large pieces of their desired cuts?

Menu; Think about it can you use the variety  of the bones , meat and also  trimmings that result from fabricating large cuts into individual portions ?

Storage; Make sure to have ample refrigeration and freezer space so that you can be flexible in a way for when   you purchase your choice of meat and it won’t become rancid or rotten and you lose it which wouldn’t be good.

Cost; Considering your labor Costs and trim usage it is really more economical to buy larger cuts of beef.

Next time  not Sunday shopping and going to help make lasagna  for Monday when it is taken to a Senor Home .I can’t go this time have class. ill try to write but I do have homework which I still have now. Happy day on your Sunday..

Kitchen Humor

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A messy Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen and this Kitchen is delirious.


A messy kitchen is a sign of a good meal.


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The word for today is…Some on Purchasing ;

1)Menu; Menu identifies the type of your cooking methods used. If your meats are to be broiled, grilled , roasted sautéed or even fried you should use more tender cuts . If you used for stewed or braised  then flavorful cuts with more connective tissue can be used.

2) Menu Price’ Now this is about Cost constraints which may prevent an operation from using the best -quality meats that is around. Generally the more tender your meat , the more expensive it could be .But sometimes your most expensive cuts are not always the best choice for a particular cooking method of yours. An idea ; You have a beef tenderloin it is a most expensive cuts of beef. Good on the grill, it will not necessarily  produce a better braised dish than the tougher; , fattier brisket. But your brisket fatty or not sure can be tasty.. if you work at it but that is a different topic …

Quality; Often your several cuts or grades of meat can be used for a specific dish and so each food service operation should develop it very own quality specifications.

Next Purchasing …

Kitchen sayings

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A clean kitchen is the sign of wasted life.


A Guardian angel in your kitchen…

watches over what your fixin!!!!


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The word for today is Dry Aging…..

Your Dry Aging is the process of storing fresh meats in your environment of controlled temperature , humidity and air flow for up to six weeks. This will allow enzymes and microorganisms to break down connective tissues. Dry aging is really actually the beginning of natural decomposition process. Your Dry-aged meats can lose up from 5 to 20 percent of their weight through moisture evaporation. it can also develop mold which really adds flavor but be removed or trimmed off later. Moisture loss combined with the additional trimming .It can substantially increase your cost of the Dry-Aged meats. Also these meats they generally available only through smaller distributors and also specialty butchers…Next Purchasing and Storing

(hope my  spelling is correct and this makes sense I am on the phone and typing with one finger so bear with me Thank you


Arms Wide Open–By Creed

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Not sure if anyone have heard of Creed but I believe they was from the 90s  and still around .Here is a the words of one of their songs .Enjoy.

Well I just heard the news today

Its seems my Life is going to change

I closed my eyes, begin to pray

Tears   of joy stream down my face

With arms wide open

Under the sunlight

Welcome to this place

I’ll show you everything

With Arms Wide Open

Well I don’t know if I’m ready

To be the man I have to be

I’ll take a breath , take her by my side

We stand in awe , we’ve created life

With Arms Wide Open

Under the sunlight

Welcome to this place

I’ll show you everything

With Arms Wide Open

Now everything has changed

I’ll show you love

I’ll show you everything

With Arms Wide Open

If I had just one wish

Only one demand

I  hope he’s not like me

I hope he understands

That he can take this life

And hold it by the hand

And he can great the world

With Arms Wide Open





Todays word is….Wet Aging

Now a days most of your proportioned or precut meats are packaged and shipped in the vacuum-sealed plastic packages , sometimes known as generically  by the manufacturer’s trade name .’ Cryovac’.

Your Wet Aging is your process of storing vacuum packaged meats under refrigeration for up to 6 weeks .This will allow natural enzymes and microorganisms time to break down the connective tissue , which does its job as tenderizes and really flavors the meat. As this chemical process takes its place , the meat does develops an unpleasant odor that is released when you open the package ; the odor will dissipates in a few minutes. You should exercise great care when aging your meats . Beef can be wet aged for the longest period. your other meats must be consumed within a shorter time. Self life for these vacuum- sealed refrigerated pork is approximately3 weeks.

Next hopefully Dry Aging

I like this tune and my grandmother I believe also did…

Beautiful Dreamer, wake unto me.

Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;

Sounds of the rude world , heard in the day.

Lull’d by the moonlight have all passed away!

Beautiful Dreamer ,queen of my song,

List while I woo thee with soft melody

Gone are the cares of Life’s busy throng.

Beautiful Dreamer, awake unto me1

Beautiful dreamer, awake unto me!

Beautiful dreamer, out on the sea

Mermaids are chanting the wild lorelie;

Over the streamlet vapors are borne.

Waiting to fade at the bright coming morn.

Beautiful Dreamer ,beam on my Heart.

E’en as the morn on the steamlet and sea;

Then will all clouds of sorrow depart.

Beautiful Dreamer ,awoke unto me!

Beautiful Dreamer, awake unto me!

The word is ;Aging When you slaughtered an animal it’s muscles are soft and flabby .Within 6 to -10 24 hours its rigor mortis  sets in which causing the muscles to contract and stiffen .Rigor mortis dissipates within 48- 72 hours. under the refrigerated conditions. All your meat should be allowed to rest , or age ,long enough for the rigor mortis to dissipate completely . Your meats tat have not been aged long enough for rigor mortis to dissipate or that have been frozen during this period known as ‘green meats’ It will be very tough and flavorless when cooked .

Your initial aging takes place ,while the meat is transported from the slaughterhouse to its supplier or a Food service operation ,Your beef and lamb are sometimes aged for longer periods to increase their tenderness and flavor . Your Pork is not aged further because its high in fat content turns rancid very easily and veal does not have enough fat to protect it during an extended aging period .

Next Wet Age…

Support Your Local undertaker …drop dead!