I have made up my mind on my Saturdays and Sundays I will not Blog my words or Kitchen words .I am going to be going back to reading my books and study  more on the Culinary Arts of mine and going back tot ha basic. I want and need to improve. I have a lot of recipes books to read and they are long. . I also have to work on my cabinet of recipes I have and boy I do have a lot. I will answer your commends ,I will see all those who follow me on Monday Have a nice weekend


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I guess Skull misplace and put a recipe Blood cake on the blog sorry sometime he does that must be the weekend sorry .

How about something fun and gory well depends on how you feel about it.. Try this for Halloween time or if you have a vampire friend like I do. .He  gets a big kick out of this cake..

1 large bar white chocolate (500g at least)

1 bottle of food coloring

A  vast number of red Smarties (or M& M if you can’t get these things)

Icing (Frosting for you USA types)

1 tub of strawberry ice cream

A set of vampire teeth

Make up the sponge mix but add loads of red food coloring to get the mixture nice and blood like; Next, add about 400g of the chocolate (melted of course) to the sponge mix , adding more food coloring if the mixture seems to be getting to pinky . Allow to cook for the normal length of time. . Make up quite a bit of icing in the meantime (adding the final 100g of chocolate to this) and color this red also.


When the cake has cooked , allow to cool for about 1 hour and then cut in 1/2 taking the top half pour the icing over and allow to set pretty randomly, but place the vampire teeth in the icing where they will cause maximum effect (in the center is usually a good bet) .

Before you serve this cake, place a generous layer of the ice cream on top of the bottom layer and relace the top, serve with extra scoops of the ice cream and strawberry sauce.


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Never miss a good chance to shut up.


Never test the depth of the water

with both feet.


The Word or Today is Other Soups

Now several popular types of Soup do not fit the descriptions of, or follow the procedures for either clear or thick soups. Your soups such as your Bisques and yummy chowders as well as many cold soups use special methods or a combination of the methods used for your clear and thick soups.


Your Traditional Bisques  are shellfish soups that are thickened with cooked rice .In these days or today your Bisques are prepared using a combination of the cream and puree soup procedure.  These are generally  made from shrimp , lobster or crayfish and are thickened with a roux instead of your rice for better stability and consistency.

Much of your Bisque’s flavor comes from crustacean shells, which are simmered in the cooking liquid , pureed ( along with your mirepoix) returned to the cooking liquid and then you strained after further cooking. Pureeing the shells and returning them to the soup will also add the wonderful thickness and grainy texture associated with your Bisques.

These wonderful Soups are so enriched with cream following the procedures for cream soups can be finished with some butter for an additional richness. last  but least  your garnish should  be diced flesh from the appropriate shellfish.


1)You caramelize  your  mirepoix and main flavoring ingredient in fat

2) Then you add a tomato product and deglaze with your choice of wine.

3) Ad the cooking liquid (stock or veloute sauce) .

4) Incorporate roux , if you need.

5) Let simmer, skimming as needed.

6) Then strain your soup, removing the solids and liquid . Now puree your solids in a food mill or processor and return them to the liquid . You return to a simmer .

7) Then strain your soup through a fine chinos or a china cap lined with cheesecloth .

8) last return your soup to a simmer and finish with hot cream.

last info..

For even more richness to your Bisque monte au beurre with whole butter or a compound butter such as shrimp or lobster butter just before your soup is to be served.  also if you like add sherry before you severed .

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Never do card tricks for the group you

play poker with.


Never mess up an apology with an excuse


The Word For the Day; Puree Soups

Your Puree soups are hearty soups made by cooking starchy vegetables or legumes In your stock or broth , then you pureeing all or a portion of them to thicken your soup. Wonderful pureed soups are really similar to cream soups in that they both consist of a main ingredient that is first cooked in a liquid , then you pureed. Your primary difference is that unlike your cream soups , which are thickened with starch , puree soups are generally do not use additional starch for thickening . Rather, your puree soups depend on the starch content of the main ingredient for thickening .Your puree soups are generally coarser than your cream soups and are really not strained after pureeing .

Now your Puree soups can be made with dried or fresh beans such as peas ,lentils and navy beans., or with any number of vegetables you like that’s including cauliflower, celery root turnips and potatoes, Diced potatoes or rice are often used to help thicken your vegetable puree soups.


1) You sweat your mirepoix in better without browning.

2) Then add the cooking liquid

3) Now add the main ingredients and a sachet or a bouquet garni

4) You bring to a boil , reduce to a simmer and cook until all the ingredients are soft enough to puree easily . Then remove and discard the sachet or bouquet garni

5)To reserve a portion of the liquid to adjust the soup’s consistency . You  then puree the rest of the soup by passing it through a food mill, or a food processor a blender and if lucky a VCM.

6) You add enough of the reserved liquid to bring your soup to the correct consistency. If your soup is still to thick you need to add hot stock as needed.

7) Now return your soup to a simmer and adjust your seasonings as you like .

8) Last add hot cream to the soup if you like.


Render; to melt and clarify fat..

Now Adjusting consistency Of Your Thick Soups

 Now Your Creams and puree soups tend to thicken when made in advance and refrigerated ..

To dilute a portion that is being reheated  you add hot stock or broth, water, milk to your hot soup as it needs.

Now if your soup is to thin you have to have an additional roux, beurre manie or cornstarch that is mixed with a cool stock this can be used to thicken it . If you have additional starch is added to thicken your soup , it should be used sparingly and your soup should be simmered a few minutes  to cook out the starchy flavor. A liaison of egg yolks and heavy cream can be used to thicken cream soups when added richness is also desired. Remember that your soup must not boil after your liaison is added or it may curdle.

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Montana hay, Trigger? No Thanks Roy, I’m stuffed


Never ask a barber if you need a



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The Word for today is Cream Soups;

Most of your cream soups are made by simmering your main flavoring ingredients (like broccoli for cream of broccoli soup) in your white stock or thin Veloute sauce to which seasonings that you have added. Then you mix and pureed and strained .After the consistency has been adjusted your soup is finished by adding cream. In your Classic cuisine .Thin Béchamel sauce is often used as the base for cream soups and can be substituted for Veloute in many cream soups recipes if you desired .

Both Hard vegetables (idea celery and squash) and soft or leafy vegetables (idea spinach , corn, broccoli and your asparagus) are used for cream soups. Your hard vegetables are generally sweated in butter without browning before the liquid is added. Soft and leafy vegetables are generally added to the soup after the liquid is brought to a boil. . Because your cream soups are pureed , it is very important to cook your flavoring ingredients until they until they are soft and you can passed it through your food mill. easily .

All your Cream Soups are finished with milk or cream. You using milk thins your soup while adding richness, using the same amount of cream adds much more richness without the same thinning effect. Your cold milk and creams can curdle easily if you added directly to your hot or acidic soup.

To prevent curdling Here are some ideas to Know;

1)You never add cold milk or cream to your ho soup. Then bring the milk or your cream to a simmer before adding it to your soup. Or, you should temper your milk or cream by gradually adding some hot soup to it and then you incorporating your warm mixture into the rest of your soup.

2) You then add milk or cream whichever to your soup just before its served , if possible .

3) Don’t boil your soup after your milk or cream has been added.

4) Good idea to use Béchamel or cream sauce instead of milk or cream to finish cream soups because the presence of your Roux or other starch that helps prevent curdling.


1) Frist in a soup pot, you sweat your hard vegetables such as squash ,onions, carrots and celery in oil or butter if you think it is better tasting without browning.

2) In order to thicken your soup

a) Add flour and cook to make a blond roux , then you add the cooking liquid ( that is, your stock) , or

B)Then add your stock to your vegetables  and then bring the stock to a simmer and add a blond roux that was prepared separately ,or

C) You add a thin veloute or Béchamel sauce ( which contains Roux) to your vegetables.

3)Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer..

4)Add any soft vegetables that you like such as Broccoli  or asparagus, and a sachet or bouquet garni as you desired.

5) You want to simmer your soup , skimming occasionally , until those vegetables are very tender.

6)Puree your soup by passing it through your food mill. , or a blender ,food processor or if you are lucky to have one of these which you might , a vertical cutter /mixer (VCM) .Then when you make your choice you strain through a china cap if you like. If your soup is to thick you can adjust your consistency by adding hot white stock.

7)Last but least Finish your soup by adding in hot milk or cream .Your choice. or even a Thin Béchamel or cream sauce. Adjust your type of seasonings and Bam! You serve that meal and make them Proud!

Last Tip; Add the Veloute Sauce 2) Pureeing the soup through a food mill

3) Garnishing your finished soup

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Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.


Montana at least our cows are sane!